The Personal Indoor Garden, aka "The PIG"
The Personal Indoor Garden (PIG) is an enclosed, sealed, self-contained, automated and patented HYDROPONIC PLANT GROWING SYSTEM. A PIG is an advanced hydroponic module or growing cabinet that provides the novice gardener complete control of a mini-indoor greenhouse environment to grow plants at an accelerated rate. The PIG is the best choice when you are looking to invest in and buy a grow box. The PIG is the easiest to operate grow box available.
Fill - Plant - Plugin - Grow
The PIG and PIG XL models consume the energy equal to a 120 watt and 240 watt light bulb while producing the equivalent of  500 and  750 watts respectively. Minimal power consumption for operation less than $10.per month.  All PIG's can be left alone for days with its automation & high capacity (10) gal water reservoir allowing seed germination to full harvest. The PIG is the only grow box available that allows you to check water level, test, add water and nutrients without opening. 

The PIG's super efficient lighting system puts the grow lamps total lumen's output directly downward on the plant. This unique lighting system enables the gardener to place the lights within inches of the plant as it grows, maintaining short and bushy plants requiring a lot less energy.  In addition, the grow lamps move out of the way for easy access to your plants. Also, each lamp has its own individual reflector so young plants and seedlings don't stretch to receive the correct amount of light for proper growth. These benefits cannot be accomplished with competitive grow boxes that have fixed light systems.

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New Patented Technology in Grow Box Design 
Any Plant, Anywhere, Anytime - Guaranteed

The PIG is in 50 States & Worldwide
"PIG Lovers" Testimonials

" The plants are thriving just as you said they would. I added nutrients two weeks ago and they are climbing high". - Kay Borglum, Teacher/Instructor, Sanford Bio-Tech Center, Seminole County School District, Florida, USA" 

"I am so impressed with my PIG". It's fabulous"... The parsley leaves are the size of half dollars. I love it!! - Jessie Espisito, owner "Its About Time" minimart, Bradenton, FL 

" I received my PIG today and it's AWESOME" - SJ, Washington, USA

" I'm amazed how well the PIG works" - BT, Ohio, USA

"I am so excited, I cannot wait for my PIG" - SA, Calgary, AB Canada

"The only problem with our PIG is it works too good". -  R&VP, Michigan, USA

"I love my PIG! Ready for grow #2!!" - CN, Oklahoma, USA

"The PIG is awesome! Your product is by far the best designed and well thought out". - DJ, Florida, USA

"PIG's are Spot On"!! - DS, York, England UK

"I truly appreciate your customer service" & I received my PIG today and I could not be happier with the quality" - GC, Pennsylvania, USA

"Love the PIG" The PIG works very, very well". - KZ, Ohio, USA

" The PIG XL works GREAT! Yup, send me another one". -  GW Cape Cod, Mass. USA

" My English not good......... " Green is the color of the earth, I take green PIG." - L Shih-lin Taipei City, Taiwan

   The original PIG design was for use living aboard a yacht, where space is limited, the smallest amount of light will illuminate everything, odors and noise travels easily. The solution, a PIG - Personal Indoor Garden.

There is absolutely no Hydroponic Grow Box like the PIG on the planet. The Patent for the PIG is not just for the ingenious design and superior construction of the exterior box itself, but for the newly patented “Hydroponic Plant Grow System” inside.
This hydroponic/aeroponic plant grow system took years to define, giving plants the optimum conditions to thrive and grow in the limited world of a box. No lumens are wasted, capability of directing light, plenty of water reserve, no “dead air” spots, incredible air flow, root ball separation, no clogged drip emitters, simple water testing and monitoring, rugged construction, super energy efficient, low heat output, no light leaks and odor control if desired Grow System comes inside each PIG. Incredible!
The PIG comes with 4 plant sites that give each plant plenty of room to grow and flourish. Other grow box manufacturing companies offer 6, 8, 10, 12 or even 16 plants in a small box. Impossible! The PIG also has the largest water reservoir ratio to size than any other box on the market. The PIG is a specifically engineered growing machine.

PIG’s are constructed using the durability of “marine grade” components, FDA approved 

Substrates, NFS drinking water certified tubing, UL listed equipment and stainless steel hardware. PIGS are a simple to use, durable, incredibly efficient, expandable and proven Hydroponic System that can be shipped via UPS right to your door all for under 
$975. (+ S & H).

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****** PIG NEWS ******

The PIG is going to "Hydro School" this fall !!
Seminole County Florida School District 
Selected the PIG to teach their "young hydro Farmers" the art of hydroponics
PIG's are used in the school districts newly renovated Bio-Technology Learning Center